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RodeoHouston Review: Jake Owen

Jake Owen is a performer who likes to shake things up. His March 12 performance at RodeoHouston definitely shook up the idea of what a performance at the rodeo should be.

He stood out amongst other performers from the very first minute when, instead of being brought to the revolving stage by truck, he walked out into the arena with the beginning of his song “Days of Gold”.

“Come on, Texas!” he said, causing the crowd to go wild. Although Owen might not have the best vocals in the business, he isn’t afraid to be different, and that makes him stand out.

Owen is a charming performer, and he promised at one point in the beginning of the performance that he would shake hands with as many people as he could. As a matter if fact, he did a lot more than that.

Owen autographed a sign inviting him to someone’s prom, took a swig of a woman’s beer (or, more accurately, poured it all over his face), paused for pictures (partaking in multiple selfies) all without skipping a beat.

But I wonder if some of this wasn’t a tad bit excessive. Sure, his energy was slightly contagious, and his fans certainly didn’t suffer from it, but his music might’ve.

Owen’s song choices didn’t go well together, and with all of the running around he did, he got tired easily, and it showed.

The crowd, though, couldn’t have cared less. They screamed while Owen ran to the arena floor during “Beachin,'” heehawed during “Yee haw,”  sang along to “Alone With You” and “The One Who Got Away,” and “Something About a Woman”.

RodeoHouston isn’t the ideal venue for Jake Owen. I might see him again if he were performing at a much smaller venue.


Photo courtesy of Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle.

Christine Vanderwater
Christine Vanderwater is a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. Besides being co-editor of the Chronicle Insight's print publication, she is a short story writer, novelist, blogger and poet and is on the newspaper staff at her high school.

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