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Jelena Reunited(Again)?

go to site If, for whatever reason, you are one of those civilians that doesn’t keep up with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on-and-off relationship, I am here to redeem you. In the most recent news, Justin and Selena reunited in McAllen, Texas for their own respective concerts and it was then that the lovers’ spark flared again. After Justin uploaded (then deleted) an Instagram video of him and his miss seductively dancing to John Legend’s Ordinary People, rumors instantly circulated that the couple was definitely on-again. While many people may rag on her for being with him and on their relationship in general, it’s important to respect that what they have may actually be true love. When a famous girl goes to rehab, not for drugs or alcohol, but to get over a guy and then only months after rehab goes back to the guy, it has to be more than puppy love she feels for him. It seems that more people have bad feelings about Bieber than good ones especially with his arrest and recent deposition. However, what people tend to look past is that Justin seriously needs Selena, too. Just one listen to his latest album, Journals, and his self-written lyrics reveal it all: heartbreak at their separation, blaming her friends’ interference for the break-up and desperately needing her back with him.

see url “Girl you don’t know how I feel since you’ve been away/ any chance that you would take my call if I dialed you today?” “Between us, they wanna come in/ worst enemy, trying to be your best friend.”

And if that is not proof enough that he’s whipped, Justin on multiple occasions has adoringly posted pictures of Selena to Instagram during their separation.


To many people, R&B artists tend to be particularly emotional but a guy with an obviously large amount of pride baring his vulnerability to the world has to count for something right?

If you’ve ever been in love then you can attest to the first love being the hardest to overcome and that’s all their trying to do. So what if they keep going back to each other or if they’re toxic for each other? They could be soul mates for all we know. Whatever they define themselves as, people should respect it. After all, they are experiencing first love and heartbreak while the world watches.

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