Com Truise Pounds Slow Synths into Fitzgeralds’s Floorboards

Seth Haley, better known by his stage name Com Truise, played at Fitzgerald’s on March 6 as part of his Wave 1 tour. On stage, surrounded by the gigantic lit-up letters “C” and “T” with a pentagon, he seemed dwarfed by the bass and the pulsing crowd that ate up his music like candy. Maybe that’s how he prefers it.

“Touring and everything is great and fun,” said Haley, “but I’d much rather be there in the studio. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.”

He played songs from all of his released albums and EP’s, including:

  1. VHS Sex
  2. Cathode Girls
  3. Brokendate
  4. Glawio
  5. Ether Drift
  6. Futureworld
  7. Sundripped
  8. Slow Peels

And all of the tracks from his new EP, Wave 1:

  1. Wasat
  2. Mind
  3. Declination ft. Joel Ford
  4. Subsonic
  5. Valis Called (Control)
  6. Miserere Mei
  7.  Wave 1

Fans head-banged to these songs and definitely enjoyed them. Haley’s new EP Wave 1  features a faster pace and has vocals on Declination, a departure from his older sound.

Com Truise has a sort of evocative feeling to it when pitched into your eardrums very, very loudly. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine a story happening to accompany the music. Acts like Boards of Canada (Haley’s inspiration for his Sarin Sunday project) may have taught Haley how to bind emotions to songs and make the listener perceive them easily.

Haley’s other projects influenced his sound on stage. Hollowpoint, Haley’s first project, lent its drum-and-bass style to some small samples Haley used to amplify energy and to create confused ambience at the end of some songs. Likewise, SYSTM, electro-house, probably laid the groundwork for some of Haley’s faster paced tracks he played live with vocals.

Haley previously was an art director and worked in advertising before making his living as a musician. He has been producing music for 14 years and released his debut EP, Cyanide Sisters, in 2011. Since then he’s devoted himself solely to developing his biggest project, Com Truise.

Phantoms was the best opening act the tour could ask for. Com Truise, known for its downtempo 80’s style whose music lies in a range of about 70 to 100 beats per minute, might not have evoked jumping-up-and-down energy if the audience had not already been pumped up by Phantoms’s hard-hitting house.

Whether it was a testament to Phantoms’s or Com Truise’s music, Fitzgerald’s was packed even during the opening show. At least two-thirds of the audience was sweating from jubilation even before the main act showed up onstage. Energy levels remained high as Haley mixed his plodding basslines, syncopated drums and tingling synths together. One girl even crowd-surfed. It was sweet.

 Photo credit Neil Sardesai

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