Childish Gambino Brings The Party to House of Blues

buy provigil canada The televisions overhead reveal the countdown. Three. Two. One. Lights out.

can you buy Lyrica over the counter in canada The man of the hour walks onto the stage and takes a seat at the piano, joining a slew of other people that include band members, back-up singers and a couch of lucky fans that got to enjoy a reversed view. Setting a somber mood, he fittingly proceeds to play Playing Around Before the Party as the crowd stands obediently and silently under his spell. Once he’s finished, he walks to center stage to stand at the mic.

“Where we were kinda thing / Betcha crawl all alone”

The chorus of Crawl grows slightly louder and louder until finally the bass drops and the crowd goes insane.

The Deep Web Tour and Childish Gambino had officially taken Houston’s House of Blues.

With a set that was a cross between the living room of a small suburban home -with rugs and furniture strewn about the stage and an indoor fireplace on the backdrop- and the embodiment of the Because the Internet album itself, Gambino created an eerily welcoming atmosphere that absorbed the observer into his world. Several elements of the show contributed to the technological theme including the backdrop which mostly displayed error messages and other images typically associated with computers. At one point in the show, he even performed a series of songs behind a transparent curtain that projected the falling of digital processing code like rain as the light from behind him made him appear as only a silhouette to the audience.

Whatever factor it may be, whether it was the fans in Houston, Gambino’s energy or a combination of the two, he managed to connect flawlessly with the crowd. In multiple instances, the audience sang or rapped along to the songs like Sweatpants and Bonfire so loudly that they served as his back-up vocals while he ad-libbed over them. The sold-out, jam packed venue was at a 10 the whole night and even the upper level crowd was on their feet the entire time. Camera flashes from cellphones lifted high lit up the electric room and he wouldn’t have been Childish if he didn’t reach out to a front row fan and advise them to turn the phone sideways for a better shot of him.

Gambino delivered his rhymes passionately and expertly and he even added a soulful flare to each song, truly showcasing his vocal abilities more than he ever did on his tracks. He played a wide array of his content, old and new, and was sure to give an encore freestyle performance that literally had the audience in “Ooo’s” and awe before he exited. With such a great show, Childish Gambino left a crowd of hopefuls lingering at the stage wanting more.

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