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RodeoHouston Review: Eli Young Band

Eli Young Band, born and raised in Tomball, came back for more Tuesday night as a RodeoHouston act.

“It’s good to be home!” Lead singer and acoustic guitarist Mike Eli quipped.

And it certainly was. In honor of RodeoHouston’s Military Appreciation Day, the band brought out their “close, personal friend of 20 years” Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, whose memoir inspired the movie Lone Survivor.

As the band played a mix of old and new tunes, they looked as if they were having the time of their lives, which they probably were. The band was unbelievably energetic, which definitely rubbed off on the audience as they screamed and sang along to crowd favorite “When It Rains”.

They performed their new single “Dust” from what is their “favorite record as a band”, called 10,000 towns, marking the band’s fifth studio album.

The band also played plenty of old favorites: Eli was a bit pitchy performing “Graveyard” and joked and clapped their way through hit “Drunk Last Night”. They slowed it down for “Guinevere” and sped right back up for “Even if it Breaks Your Heart”.

“At 18, I was ready to go follow a dream'” Eli told the crowd. “Needless to say that dream brought me right back here…do it because you love it.”

The Eli Young Band had enough energy to excite even the audience members in the higher, less expensive seats. James Young, guitarist for the band, came down to the arena floor along with Eli, who even participated in taking selfies with members of the crowd.

The band even found the energy to cover “Gimme Three Steps,” originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Overall, the Eli Young Band was entertaining, energetic and full of fun.

Christine Vanderwater
Christine Vanderwater is a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. Besides being co-editor of the Chronicle Insight's print publication, she is a short story writer, novelist, blogger and poet and is on the newspaper staff at her high school.

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