California Rapper Kyle On the Rise

Kyle, an up and coming rapper and singer from Ventura, California has his goals set and is successfully working towards them. Known and respected by the likes of other accomplished artists in his genre such as Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, Kyle is quickly making a name for himself in music.

Getting his start in high school, he released his first mixtape properly titled Senior Year back in 2010. Since then, he has made another mixtape and released two albums.

Although he lists Jeremih, The Dream, YG and Craig Mac as his respective R&B and rap influences, Kyle maintains a very original sound and positive subject matter that is hard to come by in this age of music. His main focus is to influence people to be genuinely happy with what they have and not be so materialistic.

“Kids are so thirsty for money and attention. Just be happy with yourself. I’m trying to make a change in popular culture and what being cool really means.”

Not to mention his Cali accent always adds an extra flare to every track that makes his voice recognizable.

At a very young age, Kyle knew he wanted to sing and entertain and throughout his life his aspirations never strayed and he credits his success to his family and peers for making him believe in himself without a doubt.

“They would always tell me things like ‘yea, you’re going to be famous’ so I believed it. It was like second nature to me. My dad took me everywhere, to all of my studio sessions and helped me sell tickets. I know that was stressful.”

His music career, however, sometimes leaves him in a tough spot with them when he has to divide his free time between bonding with them and building his name.

Although the music strains his relationships, it also helps to provide him with lyrical inspiration. In addition, having been through every walk of life, he believes, allows anyone to relate to his music.

“I understand people more than anybody else…I’ve been through every struggle. I’m talking about things everyone’s been through. It’s not like you have to be a super hood person from the trap or from Beverly Hills to relate to me.”

In the next year, he plans to continue expanding his audience and get his message out to as many as possible. Like many others, he eventually wants to give back to the people that helped him and ultimately make a change. Likewise, Kyle’s advice to his fellow up and coming artists is just to self-promote and learn to manipulate the internet in their favor.

In the meantime, he is working on his next album and touring the US with Rapper G-Eazy. They will be in Houston on February 22nd so get your tickets!

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