Ba Doom Da- That Murderer Around the Door

I am terrified by scary music. In all contexts.

I used to have an album on my mp3 of classics of the scary movie genre, but I eventually had to delete it because just as I would start to drift asleep, the music would start and I would start screaming.

Scary music just has a surreal quality that makes even the most beautifully choreographed Olympic figure skating routing into an unwatchably gory mess.

Scary music, of course, also comes with the most frightening of things- scary movies, haunted houses, the milliseconds before you realize you are about to die by a Poe-like murder. This makes everything so much more gruesome.

As the first chords of the song are played count me out of the party. I curl up into a ball, further hurting my back, and refuse to emerge until the last peals are played.

So please, don’t play your scary music near me and don’t invite me to your scary movie watching party, because I will say yes and then I will destroy any scary movie vibe by screaming.

Silvia Pera

Silvia is a current senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. She writes for the Houston Chronicle classroom newspaper, DUDE magazine, and the Carnegie Voice (her school's newspaper). She is co-print editor for the Chronicle Insight.

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