Missouris’ Michael Sam Comes Out as Gay

Michael Sam, who is ready to continue his football career from the collegiate level to the NFL, recently came out as homosexual.

Sam, a defensive end out of Missouri, has applied for the 2014 draft and is expected to be drafted. He is a coveted player, ranking highly thanks to accolades which include All-American defensive lineman and the SEC (Southeastern Conference) Defensive Player of the Year.

As the first openly gay player to potentially be in the NFL, Sam is going to receive a lot of attention for off-the-field reasons. This is, however, the first time that something like this has happened in the NFL, so maybe it is understandable.

Honestly, it should not matter if he is gay or not. Which sex Sam is attracted to and chooses to sleep with should be nobody’s business, but now it seems to be everyone’s priority when talking about Michael Sam.

There are those in this country that may look down upon Sam for reasons linked to particular religions or self-originated homophobia and I will have to strongly disagree with them. It pains me that in the year 2014, we are still unable to treat everyone with the same respect because of someone’s sexual orientation.

I guess that, in a way, coming out is creating more awareness for the LGBT community and if there are other gay players in the NFL who have yet to come out, maybe this will encourage them to do so. People shouldn’t be ashamed to be gay, but it shouldn’t be headlined in the news when someone announces that they are.

Being gay should be accepted and looked upon the same way that being straight is. When someone is straight it isn’t headline news. Personally, I can’t wait for the day when being gay is not a surprising thing.



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