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The Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. The game was a blowout, something that we have not seen in recent Super Bowls.

source url The final score was 43-8, a score that no one predicated. It was assumed that this was going to be an even match up, but to quote Seattle corner Richard Sherman back in week 2, ” this isn’t a match up, it’s a mismatch.” Going into the game, the Seahawk’s experience was in question and everyone did not think that that defense could stop Peyton Manning and the Bronco’s record setting offense. But they did just that. Seattle did not just stop the offense, they shut it down.

On the first play of the game, center Many Ramirez could not hear Manning and snapped the ball into the end-zone leading to a safety.

The Broncos gained a grand total of 11 yards in the first quarter and did not get a single first down. The Seahawks easily drove down the field all quarter, but could not finish in the red-zone. Even with the Seahawks in clear control of the game, they were only up 8-0.

Things were still close, but Manning made a mistake and after that it got out of hand. After getting pressured behind in the pocket by defensive end Cliff Avril, Manning forced a throw to tight end Julius Thomas and he was picked off by safety Kam Chancellor.

Marshawn Lynch finally found the end-zone for Seattle and just like that it was 15-0. Things did not get much better for Manning after that. The next drive Manning would throw an interception after being affected by Avril again and it was picked by linebacker Malcolm Smith and returned 69 yards for a touchdown.

The Broncos would fail on fourth down on the Seahawk’s side of the field before the half was over. No one expected the Broncos to have zero points at half time.

Coming out for the second half Seattle would have the ball, but it was still in the back of everyone’s mind that Manning could potentially make a comeback. Percy Harvin put those thoughts to rest when he returned the opening half kick for a touchdown.

Later in the third quarter Manning connected with Demaryius Thomas on a 23 yard pass, but he failed to hold onto it when corner Bryon Maxwell punched it out of his hands. Malcolm Smith recovered and the Seahawks forced a turnover once again.

Wide Receiver Jermaine Kearse made one of the most spectacular plays of the year on the possession that followed for the Seahawks. He broke four tackles before scoring a 23 yard touchdown from Russell Wilson.

At 36-0, the Broncos were in danger of getting shut out. With the game pretty much over and the Seahawks in prevent mode, the Broncos finally put points up on the board after Manning threw a touchdown pass to Thomas for 14 yards. They got the two-point conversion as well.

That was it for the Broncos – the Seahawks scored on their next drive. Wide Reciever Doug Baldwin broke several tackles of his to own score a 10 yard touchdown and nothing happened the rest of the game.

Coming in, the Broncos were supposed to be favored, but the young talent and ability of the Seahawks prevailed. The final score was 43-8.








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