Abiotic, Dysmetria, Gods of Death Screw Concert Review

http://theinloop.com/activity/p/138637/ Those who went to Fitzgerald’s Thursday night were treated to an up close and personal death metal performance.

enter Abiotic, the headliner, is a technical death metal band from Miami whose band image portrays young white guys of average height. Playing the hits and other songs from their upcoming album, they demonstrated skill that marked them as up-and-coming in the metal scene.

Abiotic, jammin’
The drummer keeps the band in time


However, Abiotic was well-rehearsed. It was evident just by looking at them that they knew their instruments well enough to show off. Guitarists shredded with both hands, all across the chromatic scale, playing the notes almost like a keyboard at times. Hair-whipping, as expected, abounded with costumes that were on-par; long hair and tight jeans, t-shirts with sleeves cut off, and hair dyed blonde.


They played about 10 different songs, and one instrumental. While the instrumentalists played an epic piece by themselves, the singer drank a beer. The singer was not bad at all, but I felt like his contribution to the band’s sound was overshadowed by the technical prowess of the other band members.

Abiotic had a more prog-rock feel to them than I expected out of death metal. Dysmetria, the opening band, played to the conventions of death metal much more by comparison.


Dysmetria was not terrible, but it seemed like they tried to hide their flaws by pushing the volume level to an uncomfortable extreme, re-routing their sound through microphones placed next to the amps.

From the exertion of the high-pitched screams forced out through (it seemed) the pores of the lead vocalist’s very face the vocalist turned beet red and lyrics easily became unrecognizable.



Unfortunately, the instrumentalists were not good enough to mask the vocals and, through missed timings and un-synchronized starts, one could tell this band did not rehearse enough before the show. Still, they were humble about it, energetic and had an overall decent sound, so I would give them a good review still.

Dysmetria guitarist and bassist
Dysmetria guitarist and bassist

Then Gods of Death Screw went onstage and got the crowd headbanging with the power of well-produced hardcore metal.

Gods of Death Screw
Gods of Death Screw

Demonstrating none of the pomp of more established acts but all of the power, G.O.D.S. lived up to their name.

He just can't stay still
They can’t stay still

The lead vocalist was easily the best of the three bands. He was able to do a death growl, a high scream and manage through it all to actually enunciate the words. He was highly animated as shown in the pictures. Friendly and conversational, he joked around between sets and did not seem fazed by anything.

“That’s why I don’t do drugs”, he quipped upon noticing his nose start to bleed, and kept on vocalizing.

Hair flip
Hair flip


Hector (GoDS lead singer) could've carried the show alone had he needed to
Hector (GoDS lead singer) could’ve carried the show alone had he needed to


This band knew their roles and had evidently rehearsed many times a the drummer mouthed the words to several songs. One of the supporting guitarists helped convey the band’s image by sweating his heart out and swirling his hair whenever necessary. The other helped to create multi-layered vocals and acted (believably) like someone under a musical trance.


Guitarist. Look at his earrings. Intense, aren't they?
The guitarist. Look at his earrings. Intense, aren’t they?

Not much of an audience showed up to the concert and, in fact, some of the audience was composed of band members supporting each other’s shows. This allowed any fan there the chance to socialize with the bands after the concert was over. GoDS in particular was very accommodating, and they looked like they just wanted to have fun. With that kind of attitude, a band will thrive at any gig they play. While the overall sound of the music was so-so, the solos Abiotic had and the energy GoDS gave were highlight moments. Fitzgerald’s has once again proven its worth as a venue for artists of any level of fame to come and connect with Houstonians on a small stage.

Gods of Death Screw guitarist and bassist stand in a pose to awe and impress
The second guitarist and bassist of Gods of Death Screw. They rocked.



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