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Texans Fire Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Gary Kubiak was released on December 6 and will no longer be the Houston Texans head coach. Kubiak was the Texans head coach for the past eight years.

The Texans have lost 11 straight games this season and have a 2-11 record. The Texans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night which proved to be the final straw for owner Bob McNair.

“I think the last straw was losing. We’ve got a lot better talent than Jacksonville and to have them beat us twice, that’s to their credit. They played harder. They played smarter. That’s not acceptable to us, to have some team beat us on that basis. If they’re better than we are, if they have better ability than we do, then fine. We expect to go out and play hard and play smart and we didn’t play smart,” said McNair

The Jacksonville loss was not the only reason the Kubiak was fired, it was just the accumulation of losses over the year. The team had aspirations for a Super Bowl run, but the season had turned into one of the worst ever for the Texans franchise. The entire season consisted of inconsistent and undisciplined football.  McNair was especially displeased.

“It’s been horrible. It’s been a nightmare. Fortunately, we’ve always had successful organizations. This is not what I’m accustomed to. It’s not what our organization is accustomed to and we don’t like it. We’re unhappy about it and we’ve got to do something about it,” McNair said.

That something was firing head coach Gary Kubiak.

“Wade Philips will serve as the interim head coach,” said McNair,” He’s got an outstanding record and he is a fine coach.”

This marks the third time that Philips will take over a head coaching job on an interim basis and his first time for the Texans. He eventually took over the permanent head coaching job in Dallas, but that does not mean he will do the same in Houston.

Permanent decisions will be made once the season is over.

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