First Semester Coming To A Stressful End

Shorty says that finals at the end of the fall semester is stressful.

All the students are happy that the first semester is coming to an end. This means Christmas time is around the corner as well as a brand new year open for new adventures.

Let’s not forget the circumstances to be able to enter this winter break successfully and jovially. FINALS!! Every course has to be assessed at the end of each semester to make sure the students have gotten a full understanding.

This process is uber stressful. You have a whole week called “dead week” which consists of reviews, reviews and reviews of all the things you learned that semester. You have to personally set aside time to be able to study thoroughly.

My honest opinion is I greatly despise finals. Everything has to be mashed into your mind and your final average depends on you being able to pass this test.

I wish we did not have to take finals to end our year…

And that’s what shorty said.

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