New Frontier: Goodwill

By: Helen Lu

After getting a part time job and realizing that my parents expected me to buy my own things now, I needed a way to get things cheap. So I turned off my iPod which had ‘Thrift Shop’ on replay, put twenty dollars in my pocket and started hunting, looking for a come up.

Montrose, home to Buffalo Exchange, a Goodwill store, and other consignment shops, was the first place that came to mind. A few minutes in Buffalo Exchange and I realized that much of the clothes were priced like discounted new pieces. I needed a place with tops that were priced like discounted old clothing.

A shop I always pass by is the Goodwill store, but because of the stigma that I had personally assigned it, it remained uncharted territory. My desperate situation last weekend prompted me to take a chance and walk in. Row and rows of secondhand clothing awaited me and all for $5.99 or less. I had finally found THE place I would be shopping.

Some people right now will be thinking that everything there was dirty, children’s clothing that moms donate when their kids grow older (that’s what I thought too), but two hours looking in the clothing and I found two shirts that I ended up fitting and purchasing. Shirts with no stains on them and in stable condition!

More surprising was seeing teenagers, even some classmates, shopping there at the same time. They too had overcome the negative perceptions of Goodwill hunting. As a plus, proceeds support job training and placement programs for people with disabilities and other disadvantages.

So, before you mark off Goodwill from your shopping trip just remember that “one man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up.”

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