What Are These Stars Doing?

For this blog, I want to just commentate on two recent occurrences that I came across today involving a few of everyone’s favorite artists.

Headline 1: Drake is collaborating with the late Aaliyah once again on an upcoming track.

So getting right into this, I am not exactly sure how I feel about the collaboration just yet since I have only heard the snippet released today. However, I can say that I’m not all that excited to hear how it will be. Sure, it was interesting and controversial when he first released an unheard track of hers that he featured on and I must say that Enough Said was not a bad listen. But it’s like sequels, they are never as good as the original so why is he even trying again. To make matters worse, Chris Brown also did a (better) collaboration using her old tracks so the concept is not as intriguing and fresh. Also, there is the wonder about whose consent he is getting to do all of this with her music. The way I see it is although he may be a huge fan and slightly obsessed with her(judging from the tattoo of her face on his back), he has no way of knowing that she would have felt the same and willingly collaborated with him. Hopefully whoever is allowing him to sample her voice is someone whose judgment is as close as possible to what she would have wanted.

Headline 2: Jay Z and Beyonce go vegan for 22 days

In honor of Jay’s 44th birthday celebration coming up in three weeks, he and his wife decided to participate in a spiritual and physical cleanse leading up to the day. I slightly admire the act because I understand the concept of wanting a healthy mental and physical makeover in light of another year of living. However, I don’t see why Beyonce is participating being that it is not her birthday and she does not necessarily need to but maybe she is just supporting her man. The biggest problem I have with all of this is the fad that will follow. When Beyonce did the lemonade diet a few years back to lose 20 pounds in preparation for Dreamgirls, women everywhere started to follow and some even died from starvation. Two of the world’s biggest celebrities are taking a drastic diet change and I don’t see how this time will be any different. So I will just mentally prepare for all the declarations of vegan diets from the world of Twitter and try not to get annoyed.

That’s all for tonight.

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