Does Popularity and Fame Equate to Talent?

America along with the vast majority of the world adore celebrities, but what exactly makes someone a celebrity?

Celebrities are people that others admire. People that get a large amount of attention are usually those in the entertainment industry or those that are constantly in the public eye.

Why do these particular people get so much attention? In one way or another it is because they are either entertaining or culturally significant.

To be entertaining or important you would assume that a person would have to have some level of talent, or does that not matter to the world nowadays?

In the music industry, people normally pay attention to the singers, dancers, instrument players and/or D.J.’s. The difficulty level that someone surpasses in any one of these areas is a good indicator of their level of talent.

Sadly this is not the case in the world and people are ignoring talent and replacing it with what is considered to be “catchy”. Thus, the majority of people end up paying attention to is what is constantly shoved down their throats.

What is supposed to be an art has turned into greedy corporation games where everything is all about money.  The corporations discover one person or group and then all of the sudden these people are in the spotlight.

Their advertisements are paid for and a weak minded population that craves these simple forms of entertainment are manipulated and buy into it.  You then have these mostly talentless individuals and groups that are famous and getting all the attention.

Now this is not to say that they have no talent, but what is the point of the fame they have reached when they have barely even worked hard to get to where they are. They signed with some large label that did all the work for them.

This is unfair to the individuals and groups that have worked hard for their positions. There are many instances which one person clearly has more talent than another person, yet they do not have even close to a similar following.

Perhaps, the status as a celebrity has become lacking in criteria or maybe people’s taste in talent has negatively evolved. Whatever the case, popularity does not equal talent.






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