Retro World: Down To Fiesta!

buy Lyrica medicine Houston once again proves itself to be the powerhouse of the south, generating some of the most influential artists of our time, from DJ Screw to Travis Scott. We are back and never even left, as culture progresses there are rumored to be some new kids on the block, introducing curators New World and Spectrum X Entertainment the masterminds behind party-goers latest mosh scene, Retroworld.

This Friday, they are expected to stun crowds once more from an audience located right here in Greater Houston’s underground music scene. Retroworld is a musical showcase delivering the ultimate party experience. Acclaimed for its versatility, DJ and artist Dexter Payne will deliver multifaceted euphoric sounds to skull smashing Bops, setting an unshakable atmosphere and giving rise to one unforgettable night.

New World composed of musicians JJ, T-Ham, JuJu, Blvck Friday and rock star Rome TV, are a force to be reckoned with. Spending ample amounts of time perfecting artistically directed music videos that accurately portray the daily lifestyles of most Generation Z ers’. While also keeping their fans anticipating their latest clothing line designs.

“We aim to express all spectrums of art. No boundaries or borders. To continue building the bridge between diverse genres and styles of music.” CEO Mohamed stated.

These young men are driven by ripping the labels off today’s Pop Culture to create a worldwide community centered around socially unbiased constructs. 

Another grassroots company that aims to switch up are visionaries, Spectrum X Entertainment LLC, managed by CEO Alex Roa and Executive Max Rodney. These boys know how to throw a Saturday night fiesta. Curators create transcending encounters with each eccentric soirée each one topping the next. Housing three upcoming artists Yung VNO, Sinoda, and Saint they all create timeless ballads that will keep them on the map. Releasing a recent $200 grand prize TikTok contest. Allowing fans to show off their creativity and give active feedback on their latest music. The dream does not stop there, furthermore, they’re planning to expand into a complete entertainment company made up of modeling, film and talent agency. Watch out for the world might just flip on its axis.

“We want to create an environment for every young artist to have a platform and an equal opportunity to limelight without control from major corporations.” Ceo Alex Roa expressed.

Take some time out of your Friday night  to show support to your local artists, come see what all the hype is about, promise you won’t be disappointed. Stay connected or to  find more information about latest music,merch, and shows follow them on Social Media links below.  

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