3 Reasons You Should Attend HAIS Lunar Year Festival

Kadiri Can you guess what the animal is for this lunar year? Hint: according to Disney it loves to cook, according to myths it loves to eat cheese, and just to hit the nail on the head it has whiskers. If you guessed mouse then I don’t know what to tell you. 2020 is the year of the rat. If you enjoyed this fun fact then you’ll definitely enjoy the festival my school ‘Houston Academy for International Studies’ hosts every year usually at Houston Community College. However if you’re still not convinced, these are 5 reasons why you should attend my school’s festival.

Reason 1: The Outfits Are Bomb

buy generic modafinil online uk If you’re into fashion or photography then you’ll definitely be into this. The girls were serving looks hunny! Throughout the entire celebration, whether it was the dancers dancing, or the whole fashion show that was displayed in front of us, the looks did not come to play. Especially the girls with the chopsticks in their hair, they had me in my seat, reciting Nicki in my head, and if you don’t know what lyrics I’m referring to, I’m disappointed. There’s still a part of me that wishes they would’ve played ‘Chun-Li’ during the fashion show.

One of Many Costumes (I didn’t take the best pictures)

Reason 2: The Crowds Energy Was Magnetic!

The atmosphere was so welcoming, it’s almost as if we were at a Rockets Game or Beyoncé Concert. We all swayed to rhythm of the songs, the classes sang. Everyone who knew it, jumped in to sing Dui Bu Qi because we all FELT that! We held our flashlights up, we laughed, we clapped, we danced, and we just all enjoyed the efforts put in by all those involved in this celebration.

Reason 3: It’s A Lot of Fun

The hosts had trivia questions throughout the celebration to entertain as well as teach us and it worked. I wish they more questions to ask, it was getting competitive. Speaking of competitive even the teachers had to get in on the action. We watched as our teachers attempted and very much failed to do the viral Renegade TikTok, and battled in a game of Chopsticks (where each team tried to catch a ball with two big sticks, that actually more closely resembled Q-Tips than chopsticks but still funny nonetheless), and my favorite musical chairs where the teacher who gave his seat up for the lady, Mr. Borger, is the true winner. Well at least in my eyes.

Overall this celebration continues to get better and better each year and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend. Somebody should tell HAIS to start selling tickets because that was a show! I have a few videos that I took of the crowd as well as performances so you all can see I’m not exaggerating. Until next time, thank you for coming to my Tea Talk. And yes I meant to say Tea. 

-Tea with Tyri

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