Beaumont mom under investigation after video of her beating her son surfaces Social media users are in yet another outrage after a mother, who was called to the school because of her son’s behavior, is shown on video hitting her child with a belt and “verbally abusing” him. The video shows the woman walking into the cafeteria, grabbing her son by the shirt, then dragging him outside by his teacher, where she spazzed out and proceeded to hit him. She then apologized to the teacher for her son’s behavior and made him apologize as well, while still beating him, but it didn’t stop here. She told her son, “If I gotta come back up here then its me and you [n-word] … if this woman call me again, I’m gone break yo f***ing face, do you hear me?” This video has been viewed over 500,000 times before being removed from the social media site.

I’m not sure what the child was doing at the school, for the mother to be as infuriated as she was, and usually I like to know what happened in the events leading up to a situation before voicing my opinion, but nothing excuses the way she reacted in this video. Not only did she publicly humiliate the boy in front of his peers, but she made a fool out of herself as well, even the poor teacher looks scared in the video. If anything, now the teachers are aware of where he gets his behavior from, and will think five times over before calling her again to discipline the child, that is unless they want to see her break his face.

Of course there are a few proponents of this mothers behavior, mainly from those who grew up in environments where this was acceptable, but times have changed. The school principal posted on Facebook Wednesday stating that “[They] do not condone this type of behavior from [their] parents, teachers, and/or scholars. This matter is under investigation.”

It’s obvious that the woman was in the heat of the moment, and while I do not condone her behavior what-so-ever, I think the backlash and embarrassment she’s facing from social media is punishment enough. The mother definitely needs to take Parenting 101 classes, to learn how to correctly discipline her child. Or else she could be facing many more investigations, and her child experiencing emotional trauma that’ll lead to a vicious chain of abuse.

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