The importance of video editing in modern commercials

Qahderījān When looking at the “terribly edited” East Hills Mall commercial, one would immediately wonder, “Who thought this was good enough to show to the public?”

agone The kicker is, it was made to look the way it does on purpose. The person responsible for this commercial, Chris Fleck, aimed to make a commercial that was “so bad, it’s good.

“It’s very clear from the start that the video was made to give off a sense of inexperience in the field of video editing and was effective in that regard. Five years later, the commercial has garnered more than 20 million views on YouTube and has made a recent resurgence on social media. The tenants at the mall were very pleased with the reception of the commercial and business at the mall has greatly increased since.

This is all a product of Fleck’s vision for the project itself and how he wanted the video to play out. The video itself is off rhythm, poorly mixed and is accompanied by a loud obnoxious beat-boxer in the background throughout the whole video. I

t’s really, really bad, in the best way. The goal was to imitate commercials that used the names of the products for sale at a specific business and name them over and over again to make a catchy jingle. Each product is repeated in the East hills commercial, just not in any specific rhythm. There’s no pacing, steadiness or consistency and it’s beautifully done.

Fleck has done many commercials in the same vain as this one and is still in business to make more.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for his future projects for sure.

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