Summer Walker: First and Last Tour

A windy Wednesday night, while fans from all around Houston stood bundled up outside Revention Music Center, counting down the moments until they would be able to recite the lines to their favorite songs, jam out with their girls, and capture pictures and videos to commemorate an unforgettable night;  At the hands of a significant social media influencer and alternative R&B artist, Summer Walker in action! 

The concert ran behind schedule, leaving her fans antsy to hear her soft and sweet melancholy vocals over the large speakers. Minutes before the concert, she was allegedly beefing with the mother of her boyfriend’s child on Instagram. Despite the hasty delay the concert began, and instantly the crowd was mesmerized. I was taken aback by how soft spoken she was and the presence of her strong Atlanta accent. Gazing upon the stage, I could not help, but notice the changing of colors of a huge multi-colored disco ball that expressed the mood of each song. Pole dancers graced the left and right sides in expressive dance.

Walker delivered an expected emotional performance alluding to her troubled past with love. “Girls Need Love Too” #1 hit song of 2018, she concisely expressed the relationship dynamic between men and women. Proposing that women do not always have to play the role of a “caretaker” in a relationship. Insisting that both women and men equally deserve a healthy balance of love. In doing so creating an intimate musical experience that people from all backgrounds can relate to. In an interview with Beats1 Radio show, Walker tells a tale of a normal girl living a Rockstar’s lifestyle. She goes into depth about the pressure she is faced with to constantly conform into a traditional stereotype of women in R&B . But as we watch her grow in her new album “Over it”, we see that her music speaks for itself.

I think the thing we love most about Summer Walker is her ability to keep it real. Walker is adorned by e-girls everywhere for the simple fact that she demonstrates that we can make a name for ourselves in this world, whilst staying true to ourselves. 













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