How to Write An Outstanding Essay

silvestermillionen bw Indore Well seniors, it’s that time of the year for us to be submitting essays for these colleges and scholarships and if we’re being honest it’s been that time. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in a lot of activities and programs that helped me with formulating the best essays possible, so it’s only right for me to pass on the knowledge. Grab your pen and paper and let’s get this lesson started.

Tip #1: Set yourself apart Most colleges and scholarships have a particular prompt that they want you to answer. Chances are a lot of us are thinking of the same exact way to answer the prompt, only worded differently. Imagine you’re the one assigned to read these essays, would you actually want to sit through reading the same story hundreds of different times? No. Therefore you have to find a way to make your story stand apart.

Perambalur etapas do namoro cristão Lets take this prompt for example, “If you had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?” The first three ways that you’re thinking you could answer this prompt, DON’T. I bet that one of these four options were how you were initially thinking to answer this prompt.

  1. I would go to heaven for X,Y,Z reasons.
  2. I would go to [Insert the name of favorite planet/country/state/city] because X,Y,Z.
  3. I wouldn’t go anywhere but here’s why…
  4. I would go to Disney World/Disneyland because X,Y,Z

If you do go one of the above routes at least make sure your reasons are different that what most people would say. Try to think of places you would never actually go and why you wouldn’t want to go there, or places that are taboo to say the least just to keep the reader interested, like Hell and at the end say you wouldn’t actually go there. Just some food for thought.

Tip #2: Drop the big words

Don’t be a Sesquipedalian unless you’re writing to your philosophy professor or something similar to that. Most of us don’t know what those words mean nor how to pronounce it, and we do not want to have to get a dictionary just to read your paper. It’s not necessary and frankly annoying. Also for those of you who are wondering a Sesquipedalian or S word is, it’s somebody that overuses big complicated words like Sesquipedalian.

Tip #3: Show your personality

Let the readers know who you are and why they should let you into their college, or give you their money. Tell them what you want them to know about you that they won’t be able to get from other parts of the application process.


Moral of this story, in order to write a good essay you have to think about what you would want to read about if it was you giving away your money or a seat in your place of business. You would want to give it away to somebody that stands out from the rest wouldn’t you?

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