“Countdown” leaves you counting the minutes – to go home

I find it hard to find a good horror film that can keep me captivated and scare me as well. A good thriller can psychologically sabotage my brain but “Countdown” did not.

What it did do was give many a reason to hate their smartphones.

This film did not fully live up to its potential because it became predictable. As a horror fanatic, you start to notice the difference between films that are corny yet not bad and films that are psychologically fascinating.

Besides the jump scares, “Countdown” could have been scarier.

For instance, the psychological element of incorporating a timed death is genius! We all know we’re going to die some day and that death is inevitable but anyone who is afraid of death would immediately react to their time of dying and depending on how soon that is, would want to interfere.

That aspect could have been exploited differently, showing more of the more internal battle in their brains knowing the proximity of their death. This way, there would have been a deeper focus in the fear of death aisle.

Special fx makeup is tough work and although the work was good, sometimes it’s scarier when I can’t see whatever evil thing is haunting the characters in a horror film. Shadow and lighting work in my opinion is scarier and more suspenseful.

The concept of this movie was updated to new type of technologies and modern times and made it more enjoyable.

I feel like horror films are usually similar in notions, but this movie changed it up in a very efficient way. Most people have a phone and download new apps frequently. The element of relatability makes the film feel more personal and can therefore make a higher scare factor impact.

Overall I would rate this movie a 6/10. It wasn’t the worst but I enjoy films with a deeper exploitation to its themes.

If you like horror films that will scare you but still let you sleep at night, not knowing when you’re going to die, then this movie is definitely for you.

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