Lil Pump Houston

Romsey On Friday May 17th, Lil Pump brought his new tour to Houston’s Revention Music Center. Accompanied by Lil Skies, Pump wowed fans with hit songs and an impressive set full of color and lights. With three opening acts, the show had a little something for everyone, from ballet dancers to a DJ set. Just The Juice kicked the evening off with a short performance that gave the fans a taste of what was to come. After playing through a few songs and ensuring the crowd was fully amped up, Just The Juice left the stage to make way for Jack Bruno.

Flanked by a pair of ballet dancers, Bruno’s set brought an air of class into the room. After shedding his blazer, Bruno made the first stage dive of the night, setting to tone for the rest of the show.

Once Bruno finished his set, the stage sat empty for a while, leading fans to chant for the upcoming performers, Lil Skies and Lil Pump himself. Just after 9PM, Skies’ DJ took the stage and asked the house to turn off the lights, leaving the stage illuminated by the lights from dozens of phones.

After making sure the crowd’s energy was high enough, Lil Skies rushed on stage to a swathe of cheers. Skies played through his own music as well as hits from other artists such as the late XXXTentacion, all while ensuring his fans were having a good time. To the delight of the crowd, Skies too jumped the stage, bringing with him a wave of energy that continued throughout the night.

After Skies departure, the lights came up for a while as the stage was set for Lil Pump. While some fans did leave early, the crowd appeared to grow in size between the performances. By the time Pump rushed on stage, the energy in the room was palpable. After a short set by his DJ, Pump appeared, bringing with him a full array of lights and props.

Playing through hits such as the ever popular “Gucci Gang,” Pump kept the crowd’s spirits high throughout his performance. Eventually, he too stage dove, jumping onto a massive inflatable swan.

With five performances, the show was definitely a sight to behold, and fans went home knowing that they had witnessed a show to remember.

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