Lakers Summer Drama

online dating sites seattle In recent news, the Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson has stepped down from his job after only coinciding with Lebron James for less than one year at the team. These news have made the Lakers fans go into shock! Nobody expected the Magic Johnson to step down from such a prestigious job.

Regardless of the fans’ opinions, this move was a complete surprise for analysts across the nation. Johnson called the cameras towards him after the last game of the season and gave his statement.

Magic making his statement public before telling the Lakers organization has led fans and analysts to believe that there were past frays with him and other high-tier staff members led him to this breaking point.

On the other hand the Lakers might let Luke Walton out maneuver them. Luke Walton was the head coach of franchise this terrible last season.

It would make absolutely no sense to keep Luke Walton. Luke has no real experience coaching veteran players like lebron James or any new talents like rising stars Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball. It would not be a smart decision to keep this unseasoned coach.

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