Thoughts of Deer Park chemical explosion

Uşak What is happening? So much stuff happens around the world but to find out something extremely huge happened right on the corne, particularly neighbors to us Houstonians is just abnormal.

A large fire at a Houston-area petrochemicals.
The fire erupted Sunday in Deer Park, about 15 miles from southeast of Houston. Firefighters were working to control the blaze, and the company said the risk of explosion remained minimal.

The company said the fire spread to seven storage tanks holding components of gasoline and also used in nail polish remover, glues and paint thinner. 
Alice Richardson said fire crews had made progress battling the blaze as three of the tanks were now only intermittently on fire.

As of March 21st, Bangladesh personally seeing the news there was rumors of people wanting to sue the company because of the destruction it made to the community.

With a mind set of conspiracies, was this the only thing being hid from us fellow citizens there could be something much more big next time.

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