LeBron James: Playoff Misses

buy Lyrica uk LeBron James and the Lakers have been struggling in the 2018-2019 82 game season. Recently, The King passed up his idol growing up Michael Jordan by passing him up in the all-time scoring list. Lebron taking fourth of this elite list has not helped the Lakers with this disappointing season that is ongoing.

Albuquerque The Lakers are six games behind the 8th spot after the loss to the 2nd seed in the West, the Nuggets. Being six games behind the 8th spot means their playoff chances are very slim to none. The Lakers have taking this into consideration and put the 34-year-old on a minutes restriction that also refrain him from playing back-back games. This was the best decision the Lakers franchise could have done to keep him from major or minor injury and big wear and tear for the remaining of his years in the NBA.

If the Lakers go down to 2nd to last place in the West, which is what they are projected to get, their lottery chances in the draft. Acquiring a better draft pick will increase hopes to get a better deal for Anthony Davis and another player from the Pelicans, and hopefully going to the playoffs and winning the next year.

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