Storm showers, a Selena tribute and Bachata at Prince Royce’s Rodeo Performance A storm poured down Tuesday, February 26, but the thunder and lightning did not stop Houstonians from showing up for Prince Royce’s Rodeo performance. Starting at 6:45 P.M. NRG stadium slowly filled up with attendees eager to watch pre-concert festivities take place. From horse bucking, bull-riding, calf scrambles and mutton bustin, everyone was thoroughly entertained prior to Prince Royce taking the stage.

Before you knew it, the rotating stage took its position, lights dimmed, fireworks went off and Prince Royce entertained the crowd with his smooth vocals and bachata-style dance moves. 

He is a true entertainer with his ability to work the crowd. His performance was filled with blowing kisses, throwing roses and flashing cheeky smiles while singing his romantic Spanish songs. 

His songs ranged from his classics like, “Corazon Sin Cara,” and his new radio hit, “Sensualidad.” Royce’s fans could not sit still with several fans dancing the Latin dance, Bachata, to his romantic songs.

At one point he even did a tribute for the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla. Royce mentioned how 24 years ago, on that exact day, Selena performed at the Rodeo. 

Phone lights swayed from left to right as he sang Selena’s song, “No Me Queda Mas.” 

Just one day before, Kacey Musgraves, did a Selena tribute with “Como La Flor.” While Selena is gone, she is never forgotten in the heart of Texans and all musicians.  

Royce maintained high energy throughout his concert. A majority of his concert he spent running around the stadium and climbing on barriers. He even at one point apologized to rodeo staff saying, “Sorry, Rodeo” for constantly running around the arena. 

Prince Royce’s sly dance moves, smooth vocals and good looks had the entire crowd swooning for him.

Throughout the concert, Royce expressed his gratitude to his fans for attending his show. He mentioned how never in his wildest dreams did he imagine performing at such a huge event like the Rodeo. 

Royce is just the second concert of this year’s impressive lineup. Next on the list is rapper, Cardi B. She is set to take the stage on Friday, March 1. This will be her first major performance since taking home a Grammy for Best Rap Album of 2019. If her Rodeo concert is anything like we’ve seen of her previous performances, Houstonians are in for a treat.

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