Gas is increasing to the max

Being a first time car buyer and being more intrigued with buying Gas and taking care of my var. I’ve witness how gas has been increasing little y little.

$1.88, $1.98 It has stayed like this from the fall of the season all the way to the season of Christmas.
The cost of gasoline is rising around the U.S., pushing prices at the pump close to their highest level in four years. 

Rising gas prices could put a dent in consumers’ budgets, leading to cutbacks in other areas of spending.
The average gas price is the most expensive for the start of October since 2014.

The three states around the country with the cheapest gas are Mississippi ($2.57), Alabama ($2.57) and South Carolina ($2.58), while Florida and Michigan have witnessed the biggest increase in gas prices, with a 10 cent hike in both states

With the exception of New Mexico, all states in the South and Southeast saw gas price averages increase on the week.

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