women seeking men melboure Challenges are things that nobody wants to face. No one ever wants to acknowledge that they have to face something difficult. Challenges present themselves differently to different people. For some, it could be studying for a test that they do not understand. For others, a challenge could be paying the rent on time. For me though, my biggest challenge was believing in myself. There have been so many opportunities that I have missed out on because I genuinely believed that I wasn’t good enough. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but I never did because I didn’t think I was capable of learning a new language. I’ve always enjoyed debating different topics but never joined the debate team because I was scared of never winning or that I would get laughed at because I might have not known as much as my partner. Another interest I have is poetry. Poetry is a style of writing that I have always loved reading and writing on my own. Unfortunately, I never shared any of my works because of the simple fact that I had no faith in myself.

                Not having any faith in yourself or anything you do is tiring. I used to be stuck in this constant cycle of doubt that is very hard to brake. I’ve tried speaking to my friends and family about this issue, however, speaking to them didn’t do much for me. That’s when I started to realize that I’ve been looking at my situation wrong. I tried to fix my self-esteem issues from the outside when I should’ve been focusing on my mentality. I used to overthink everything which is what led to me constantly doubting myself. Another thing that aided my self-doubt, was that I focused on the negative rather than the positive.

It was hard at first but eventually I learned that there will always be doubt involved, however, the doubt is something that I should not be focused on. What I should be focused is on is the fact that I am doing something that will help me grow as a person no matter what the end result is.

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