Who’s to Hate?

http://shotokankaratedovernolien.fr/41919-dtf69968-sites-de-rencontre-gratuit-martinique.html Would you be willing to exploit the millions of African American feelings about racial injustice and hostility for a raise in your salary? Unfortunately, ‘Empire’ actor, Jussie Smollett answered yes when he spent $3,500 to stage a hate crime in hopes of boosting his career. Now the 36-year old actor is facing the court of public opinion, uproar in social media, and the President of the United States.

he has a good point Jussie Smollett was arrested on Thursday morning on suspicion of filing a false police report about his January 29 incident. Last month, Smollett was subject to a hate crime outside of the hotel he was staying in, garnering mass attention and support. However, it doesn’t end in Smollett’s favor.

Evidence would confirm the attack was planned days prior, with Jussie hiring two brothers who were previously extras on the show. On January 25, Jussie texted one of the brothers asking for a help “on the low”. After laying out and rehearsing the plan, Jussie gave them a $100 bill to buy clothing and rope for a noose. Jussie even orchestrated what the brothers would do and say. Including the racial slur, the implementation of a noose and a “MAGA” reference.

Following the attack, many were skeptical about the circumstances surrounding the incident. Leading to the arrest of Smollett and questioning of the brothers when the fled the country. Since then they’ve both been released with Smollett awaiting trial set for March 14.

But what Smollett has ultimately done is taken away the seriousness of real hate crimes. Its almost a mockery of what real victims have gone through. In blatant terms, Smollett took advantage of the anger and pain the black community is feeling in light of years worth of similar attacks and police brutality. In the end, Smollett would end up losing more than we he’d hoped to gain.

Since then, Smollett’ been dropped from the ‘Empire’ show and many have pulled their support for him. He’s now facing 1 to 3 years of prison time on charge of “disorderly conduct”. Even President Donald Trump disproved the situation for the inclusion of the MAGA reference, claiming Smollett insulted millions of people with his racist and dangerous comments. Ironic, isn’t it?

In the end, only Jussie can determine if the price for publicity was too high to pay. But what’s it matter, he already did.

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