Jacquees shows love to Houston at House of Blues

order Lyrica online The self-proclaimed “King of R&B,” Jacquees, hit the stage with an energetic and soulful performance Valentine’s Day at Houston’s House of Blues. 

buy neurontin from us pharmacy The crowd was filled with couples celebrating their love and friends enjoying each other’s company, all while jamming out to Jacquees’ songs. 

It was a packed house when Jacquees hit the stage at 10 P.M. after the crowd was warmed up by fellow rapper, Issa. By 9:45 P.M. the crowd was filled with anticipation for Jacquees; some yelling, “We’ve been ready for Jacquees!” after Issa asked if the crowd was ready for the entertainer to come out. 

From the second Jacquees stepped foot on stage, he captivated the entire audience with his powerhouse vocals and energetic dance moves. 

His set list was filled with older hits like, “Come Thru” but a majority of his performance was from his most recent debut album, 4275, including his famous Billboard charting song, “B.E.D.” 

Jacquees and his back up dancers energize the crowd with their fresh dance routine.

His high energy and swag-filled choreography had the audience fawning over the artist and busting some dance moves themselves. His performance was the perfect balance between his high-intensity songs like “At The Club” and his slower songs like “You.” 

Recently, Jacquees made headlines after proclaiming he believes he is the “king of R&B for his generation.” He received both backlash and some support for his bold statement. 

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award winner, John Legend tweeted, “Honestly I don’t think there is a king of r&b right now.” R&B/Hip-Hop artist, Kehlani, also weighed in on Twitter saying, “Beyoncé is the king of rnb.” 

When first hearing Jacquees’ bold statement, I was not sure if I completely agreed with him. I am a big Jacquees fan, but the “king of R&B” title weighs heavily in the music industry. 

However, as I reflect on my concert experience, watching how captivated the crowd was with his vocals, choreography, and overall performance, I started to consider, might he be right? 

While I am not entirely sure where I stand on the debate, I am entirely sure Jacquees is an outstanding performer and R&B artist. His debut album, 4275, is filled with R&B hits and he did his songs justice in the live performance. 

Love was definitely in the air that Valentine’s night with Jacquees serenading Houston fans.

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