Management and Writing experiences

messaging a girl you know on dating website Being away for one week from the Chronicles doesn’t seem to long. Unfortunately, it felt like a long time. The week consist of being and getting prepared for me to become an assistant manager. At first the idea was for me to get trained to become a shift leader, but it all seemed odd at the moment because i was learning the temperatures, the times, the labor, the money, the cashier, the rules, and ect.
There’s so many obstacles in the workforce and it can be stressful but there’s bills that have to be paid and it is actually a learning experience.

Of course, i did not disagree but the work that goes through the atmosphere is a handful. Nine hours a day, making double shifts during the weekends. Yeah it get’s so tiring and it feels great to take a break and get back into the writing.

While on the other hand, writing calms me. Sure writers block will always be a pain in the … but it’s something that will always be soothing to my mind.

I experience a daily routine know although it might seemed like i am living the life of squidward, I am slowly starting to understand what the true meaning of living “life” means. Both the work force, and the school so you can say i am hanging on the cliff of working and writing but i am also living in the moment of the thrill and horrific adventures.

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