Smile You’re On Camera: Vince Staples at House of Blues On Sunday, February 10th, Vince Staples brought his Smile You’re On Camera Tour to House of Blues Houston. When the doors opened at 7PM, the line stretched all the way down the corridor and down the stairs to the floor below. At 7:40PM, the first act PNTHN (pronounced pantheon) took the stage. A rap collective from San Marcos, PNTHN gave the eager crowd a taste of what was to come during their short set. The group kept the energy high throughout their set, and by the time they left the stage the fans were hyped up for the next act. Interestingly, some of the members of PNTHN joined the GA crowd for the rest of the night.

8:15PM saw rapper Buddy take the stage. The fans ate up his Compton fueled songs and moshed as the rapper played through his repertoire. At one point Buddy climbed into the crowd and continued rapping amongst the fans. The rapper capped off his set by asking the crowd to turn the lights on their phones, creating the illusion of stars and lighting up the room.

At 9:15PM Vince Staples took the stage, marking what may be the first time a headlining rapper has ever started on schedule. Staples’ set began with a live video of the audience on a big LED board at the back of the stage. Throughout the show the backdrop changed between various cameras set up around the venue including multiple handheld cameras by Staples’ crew.

Staples took the stage and immediately the crowd began dancing and jumping with the music. Since the show was on a Sunday the crowd was humble in size, but the fans were loud as can be, singing the words and moving with each song. The merch line remained long throughout the show and a lot of fans went home with shirts and hoodies.

At the end of the night the fans left with an experience they won’t soon forget. All three sets were full of energy, and each act kept the crowd entertained thoroughly throughout. All in all Staples’ visually impressive set and stage presence will no doubt imprint itself in the mind of many of the fans for days to come.

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