Lost My Mind: Dillon Francis X Alison Wonderland

buy cytotec next day delivery On Friday, February 8th, Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland brought their Lost My Mind Tour to Houston. The doors were scheduled to open at 8PM, with the opening act taking the stage at 9PM, however Revention Music Center suffered a power outage, leaving fans anxiously waiting outside for updates on the show.

frontwards Revention staff brought out hot coffee for the fans in line to help keep them warm, and provided updates through their social media feeds throughout the outage. Around 10PM the power finally came back on, and the doors opened at 10:30, with the opening act taking the stage at 10:45.

Spurred with new energy, the fans rushed into the venue while the opener, Diablo, played the first set of the night. Shortly after 11:15, Diablo left the stage and the lights went out, with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing over the speakers. The crowd immediately began singing along, hyping them up for Dillon Francis’ upcoming set.

Francis took the stage and immediately the crowd went wild, dancing and cheering as he began his set. Pinatas were thrown into the crowd early in Francis’ show, and those that weren’t immediately torn apart by eager fans floated around the crowd for the remainder of the night. Francis’ backdrops were ever changing, transitioning from tacos to flamingoes to cartooned block letters of lyrics from his songs.

Francis maintained the energy throughout his time onstage, and by the time his set ended the fans were eager for Alison Wonderland to appear. After a brief set change, the lights went down and Wonderland took the stage, sporting a Houston Rockets T-shirt.

Wonderland kicked off her set with an electric cello, and the crowd ate it up. After the short cello solo, Wonderland returned to center stage and played through hits from throughout her discography. Interacting with the crowd between every song, the emotion was clear as Wonderland sang through songs off her album Awake.

Wonderland’s set was as much a spectacle as Francis’ with strobing lights and massive flashing LED panels across the stage.

Both Francis and Wonderland were active across their social media platforms, before, during and after the show, taking every step to make their fans feel like family. All in all the show was great and despite the power outage and delays, the fans got the show they came for and went home happy, even if it was later than they had expected.

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