Joining the Air Force! Joining the Air Force can be a tricky and lengthy process for some people. Joining the “smartest” military branch, as some people call it, has been a little bit of both for me, but recruiters make a huge difference in the enlisting process. The process of joining has taken a lot of time and exertion on my part, and the real work hasn’t even began yet! To begin the process, I began talking to my dual credit officer in my high school, she said she would get in contact with the Air Force recruiter in the area within the next week. Two and a half weeks passed by and I went to talk to Ms. Williams, the dual credit officer, and she said he was supposed to show up the day before but never did, I had to take matters into my own hands.

I went on the Air Force website to get more information, and that was exactly what it gave me! The Air Force website put me in contact with a recruiter in my area, me and the recruiter set-up an appointment for the very next day. The next day came and I headed over to the Armed Forces career center. As I entered the Air Force section, the man that greeted me was not at all what I expected, a Caucasian male with very minimal clothing, some black shorts and a black shirt. At this time I sensed very little professionalism from this specific recruiter, all the other branches sectors were uniformed and professional while this one had normal “civilian” clothing as they called it. As the recruiter and I began conversation and I began filling out some paperwork, I had a feeling of him not wanting to be there, when I started asking difficult questions, as a challenge, he showed little interest in the questions and would just give me the same answer. When I began asking more questions, he asked me if I had ever taken the (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) ASVAB, which had nothing to do with my inquiries! At this point I felt discouraged. I took the practice test and as I sat back down to talk to him he said that I must go to another recruiter because this office wasn’t the one zoned to my high school. I left frustrated, angry and feeling like my time was wasted, but little did I know that this was a blessing in disguise.

My next recruiter was way more professional, kind, and at least seems like he wants to help get the best opportunities out of the Air Force. When I walked in this Air Force sector I was greeted by a warm greeting by a uniformed man. My recruiter and I meet every Wednesday at the AF office to sometimes fill out paperwork and do business, or sometimes just talk about opportunities and choices that I have. I am happily almost done with my recruiting process now, all I have left is finishing my physical tests and choosing a job, then I swear into the Air Force for four to six years. Recruiters make a huge difference in the long and rigorous enlisting process that this military branch has!

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