Not ready to forget 2018

best dating app houston With already a bit in 2019, and a few big things already having gone down from the government shutdown to the super bowl this Sunday, it’s hard to think 2018 was only a month ago. But here’s a reminder to the top ten things (in no particular order) that happened in 2018 March for our lives

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Students around the nation gathered in support of implementing gun control, which helped spark debate about the safety of our nation’s public schools and youth lives. It was the biggest youth-led protest seen in the U.S. since the Vietnam war


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4 years after Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps made the headlines, athletes from around the globe came together in PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics. In about 2 weeks, over 90 countries competed for a chance to have their name imprinted on a Gold Olympic medal.

 Mid-terms and biggest voter turn out

With talk of a blue wave coming to Congress, everyone was tuned in to the Mid-Term elections (see here to listen about students’ and teachers’ voting opinions). There were many changes after November 6th including an influx of women and youth voter turnout greater than it has been in years

Block buster movies with inclusive racial cast

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The theaters of Hollywood seem to finally be catching up with the times with the release of block buster hits at the box office of movies with a racially inclusive cast including Crazy Rick Asians, Searching and Black Panther.

2018 Fifa world cup

2018 was the 21st FIFA World Cup where the opening and closing matches were in Russia. FIFA is an international football tournament of men’s teams around the world every four years.

This is America by Childish Gambino

This song was released in 2018 by Donald Glover, who goes by the name Childish Gambino. The song covers the issue of gun violence in the United States including the high rates of mass shootings and the racial discrimination against African Americans with gun violence.

The royal wedding

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The wedding of former American actress, now Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May of 2018. Despite it being a private event, paid for by the British family, the world tuned in to the couple’s reception.

Brett Kavanaugh’s court date

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President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court candidate choice Brett Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed until Professor Christine Blasey Ford came forward to accuse him of sexual assault. The #metoo movement surged this issue to the front lines with FBI investigations, hearings, and both Ford’s and Kavanaugh’s careers on the line.

Remember those who passed

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Whether they were great singers, leaders of science or a creator of a new universe, no one was prepared for the passing of Bush Sr, Stan Lee, Mac Miller, Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Isao Takahata, or Stephen Hawking. Each contributed to the world and held a special place in people’s hearts.

North Korea and the Nuclear War

At the beginning
of summer, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump met in Singapore.  June 12, marked the date of the first meeting between the leaders of Us and North Korea where they both signed a joint statement agreeing to security guarantees for North Korea, new peaceful relations and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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