Growing up as a kid I loved being outdoors playing all day in the sun.

Now, even though I was a fan of goofing around outside, it did not mean that I was a fan of sports. I was child who liked to be outside but also loved to eat food as much as I could.

Inevitably, I started to grow older and started to go outside less and less. I soon became an inactive adolescent who just like to stay indoors watching movies while I ate.

As more time went by, I quickly became an overweight child who lost motivation in going outside. However, I didn’t stay in that phase for a long time because being an overweight child came along with kids bullying the size of your belly.

In 9th grade I came to a realization an had accepted the fact that I had to change my eating habits and become more active to become healthier to change my image so that I could start feeling confident in myself again. That is when soccer started to play a big role in my life.

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