From Sound, Script, to Scene

What’s your muse? Or rather, the person or thing responsible for your creative freedom and inspiration? Little do we know, that the smallest words, pictures, and even sounds go on to have a huge impact on our creative process and lives. To further elaborate, we sometimes get our influences directly or unintentionally. But I know one thing’s certain, I’ll wear my influences on my sleeve.

Because sound and music, have indefinitely composed all of my works. What would I have done without Rap and Hip-Hop, hell even classical music. All of these songs and albums helped create the necessary atmosphere and emotion I needed to write a particular story. If I needed abrasive, confident, and beautifully crafted music, I turned to Kanye West. If I needed relatable, and introspective lyrics, J. Cole kept my up. And when I was at my lowest, feeling absolute uncertainty, Kid Cudi, kept me moving forward.

But in case you need an audible example, listen and try NOT to get sad and anguish at Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It’s harrowing piano notes cause a piercing sting of melancholy to your heart while simultaneously creating a sense of fear and distraught.

Music arises certain emotions that range across the entire spectrum. There’s more than likely going to be something that you can hear and appreciate. And that’s the beauty of it all. Music is the only art form that can be universally understood and loved. You can speak completely different languages, but still bob your head when Drake comes on.

And now music has become the most important element in my work and daily life. I wouldn’t have finished this piece without getting amped up to ‘Power’ and ‘Runaway’. I can’t even imagine my life without music anymore. My only regret, is that I won’t live long enough to hear the entire catalog humanity will compose.

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