Chronicle First Day!

My first day at the Houston Chronicle was sensational, to say the least. The immense open-concept facility was nothing like I was expecting. I always thought the Houston Chronicle headquarters was this boring newspaper printing factory as I passed by it every morning trying to get to school, but boy were my assumptions were false! The moment I walked in the stupendous open design that the first offices have really amazed me. The first floor offices isn’t the typical boxy 9-5 design that I have seen in numerous other places that I have toured or visited, it feels like a proper community. My colleagues and I played ping-pong and Foosball in the lunch area, which is filled with cool colorful desks and couches and food to purchase. The two hours that we spent in there felt like nothing with all the fun we were having! After ping-pong and Foosball, we ate some wraps and got to writing in our generously sized work stations. To conclude, my first day at the Houston Chronicle facility was superb!

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