The Offerings of an Artist

browse around here When I think about the role of an artist in society, I think about what impact they made and how they made it and why. Art always has a story behind it, so in times of war and conflict, artists consider their surroundings and use it as inspiration for their art. Artists have the ability to transcend the madness of war. They do this through dance, singing, storytelling, paintings, drawings, plays, and literature. Artists have no limits. They are human beings in society just like us, so they play roles in and out of their work. As a young teenager myself, I started becoming more politically aware the older I got and I was always given a great effect by people in the arts. They are a big force in discussions on war because they communicate in many different ways and create different effects on a person. Art changes perspectives. They can change the way a person might think. They provoke thought. They bring change. They start revolutions. That’s their role in society. And it isn’t something they should do; it is something they already feel the responsibility to make. It’s their nature. As an artist myself, it is something I inherently feel in times of great conflict right now. Especially to the young people, their role is to teach us as well. Through art, they attract us to learn more about what is happening in the world currently. Through art, they enhance their messages and inspire with their ideas, bring a new vision to the table and bring people together. Through their art, they create protests. A great example to use would be the Chicano Movement, also known as “El Movimiento,” to illustrate their struggles and communicate social issues in America between different people. This art was used to unify and spark movement and revolution; something that is seen quite a lot in recent years by famous and local artists. Another example of revolutionizing art would be Beyoncé’s narrative movie/music video Lemonade. When it was released in 2016, it brought forth major discussions on black feminism, women empowerment, and racial equality. Through her 56-minute narrative, she was able to communicate these messages into something beautiful and captivating to her audience. During times of racial conflict in the U.S., Beyoncé broke barriers and began discussions on equality in race and gender. Her art brought many people of color, especially black women, together. She was able to collect a group of marginalized people and empowered them to do more than what they ever imagined. In times of great conflict, artists find their inspiration through the times, and they use it to the greatest benefit of bringing people together and giving knowledge on prevalent issues and conflicts in society and the world.
Artists aren’t limited to just one role during times of war and conflict. They can have multiple. They take us away from all the chaos and give us laughter, show beauty, bring thought, give feeling, and evoke passion.

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