Opinion: Views from the Shutdown

Springs As of December 22nd, 2018, the United States Government has been shut down. Non-essential federal workers have been out of work or worse, working without pay, since the shutdown began late last year. In Washington DC trash has piled up on streets and sidewalks, as all public works in the city are under federal jurisdiction. National parks have remained closed, TSA agents across the nation have been calling in sick in protest of having to work for free, and tensions on Capitol Hill have been rising. The shutdown began over President Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border which Democrats do not want to fund.

http://tripnewyork.nl/public_html/2a2cd3dcfe3f1.monodelphia                 My main issue with the situation, is the apparent lack of consideration for the federal workers and employees, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. Employees at the TSA, IRS, and public works organizations in DC have been forced to work without pay, with no end in sight. The President does not seem to care about these hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers, and only is concerned with building his wall.

                I don’t quite understand why a shutdown was deemed necessary in this situation. While border security is an issue, I don’t think a wall is going to make any difference, considering that most illegal immigrants enter the country legally, and overstay their visas. Additionally, I don’t see immigration as an issue. If people want to come to the US to work, we as a nation should let them. Border security is important, but the process by which our government is trying to go about it is wrong. I don’t know what the proper solution is to the issue, but a wall and shutdown definitely isn’t it. The President should re-open the government and go about this issue through proper channels so that our country can begin working again, and so the thousands of affected citizens can continue to work and get paid.

                While I know many Trump supporters, I’ve found very few true supporters of the shutdown. This issue seems to have united people on both sides of the political spectrum.

                President Trump ran on the policy of “America First”, but the shutdown has made me question this rhetoric. Is furloughing thousands of workers for a personal agenda really “America First”, or is it “Trump First, America Later”?

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