If Beale Street Could Talk

buy provigil online reddit               If Beale Street Could Talk is an emotionally intense and strong story driven film that tackles the racism of the 70’s that could be applied to today’s time. The movie revolves around an African-American couple who have yet to get marry but are expecting their first child when the male protagonist, Fonny, is accused of a rape and put into jail. While Tris, his fiancé, is struggling to make money for the lawyers while handling pregnancy to prove her fiancé’s innocence.

Ulm The movie centers in 1970’s, the set and the filming of the movie backs up the time period, with the old-fashioned cars, dresses, and overall sets. Some scenes relied heavily on blurring focus lenses to direct the attention of the audience members to either the characters in the foreground or background. Typically, I enjoy these types of lens but after a while, the recurring usage of it gave me a sense of annoyance since it reminds me of seeing without my glasses.

 In addition, the movie is switches between present and the past of the characters, it was easy to forget whenever the time line has switched over, the only clear way to distinguish is whenever Fonny is in the scene and not in jail of the present time. Overall, the movie was a great movie of a couple so in love but are thrown a bunch of obstacles to overcome. This movie is definitely not for a feel good movie or anyone under 17 to watch as it hands very difficult issues to tackle as well as shows scenes of nudity in terms of Tumblr standards.

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