Spiderverse swings pass expectations

              On December 14, 2018, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse made its debut into theatersas an animated adaption of the beloved comicbook series. If you haven’t watchit yet, you are missing out the spectacular storyline and animation of thefilm.

The film’s animation raised the bar on the level of animation future movies needs to bring to the table from now. The overall movie kept the iconic Spiderman colors of blue and red in most of the frames of the movie whether it was the colors of some of the characters in the scene or the filter. The animation of landscapes and environments was as beautiful of the Disney film, Coco with each frame more immersive than the next. The amount of research put into the animation to use was astounding, as the animators wanted to keep the comic-like style while embracing the fluid style of modern animations. Everything was just breath-taking, sometimes it could be overwhelming and definitely a movie that requires multiple views to catch everything.

The introduction to the new Spiderman, Miles Morales, gave the series a refreshing restart to the franchise, even though MCU’s Tom Holland’s Spiderman is great. The comic/film following MilesMorales, an Afro-Latino protagonist, who breaks the idea of the typical Spiderman story with the white protagonist with a tragic backstory. Miles is younger and grew up in a loving family, but also gets bitten by a radioactive spider and does have an important member in his life die but overall, his character felt more refreshing. The new introduction of his character being Afro-Latinodefinitely made an influential representation and hopefully will set a trend of more POC representations.

Being a sucker for slapstick comedy, made the movie very funny for me. There were clever jokes written in and made the movie very lighthearted as well as enjoyable to watch. If memes are up your alley, make sure to stay after the post-post credits. With the credits in mind, Stan Lee had an animation cameo that made me tear up as well as a featured in the credits. Rest in Peace Stan Lee.

The music was another key point of the movie since Miles is introduced as someone who enjoys music that it inspires him to paint and relax so it was fitting for the soundtrack to be engaging for action sequences while relaxing and very chill for leisure scenes.  

Please watch and support this movie to help this film be acknowledged by major film companies to be continued and support the strive for more representation in media.

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