Aural Kids

Your Domain Name I belong to the brightest and most eccentric generation ever. My peers and I have become ambiguous in the way we work and learn. Our creativity and perseverance is something to behold, and pretty soon, we’ll realize it too. Because one day, we’re going to take charge of the future, and hopefully the next generation will grow up not knowing what traditional thinking was like.

uomo che ti cerca e poi sparisce Now from the introduction, it may sound like I’m saying senseless and arbitrary opinions. But I couldn’t be more sure of myself. Living in the 21st century and having witnessed all of our ingenuity being practically wasted, I need to speak up. We are destined to become the future, and yet we’re being shunned for our ingenious views on life. 

But what is that’s so direly being wasted. What do us adolescents have to offer? Unconventional methods and non traditional thinking. After being squandered by adults and disregarded by conservatives, the youth has embodied a rebellious fire to change our outmoded systems. No stone will be left unturned when we take charge, from our educational system to our governing.  

However, I’ve noticed that we hear this response less frequently the more we get older. And I also speculate that in the future, literature and books all together will become obsolete. All in exchange for a more visual and audio focused learning experience. Because let’s be honest, who ever learns from books anymore.

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