Beauty of an illusion

Papanasam Have you ever came across and wonder why do we have photographers? Everything has the aesthetic definition to it. To take a good photograph, a person doesn’t need to put much effort. He or she only has to find the perfect light, background and add a little creativity. 

Very often, a photograph is a powerful weapon to influence groups of people.  You do not always know the truth behind a photograph. Therefore, many photographers take the use of it to control the vulnerable people.

You don’t need a reason to be a photographer because that reason will change every single day. Photography is a way to capture the world. Someday’s is just a way of manipulating the world into a set of mood or vision. An artistic outlet with a press of the shutter. 

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Illuminating the photograph to be something more than a picture expresses the true ability of an image.  

Capturing what you feel in just one specific moment. A fragment of time trapped on my sensor. Photography is the peace that is being brought to me,  leaving the depression gone. 

That moment from when the mirror clacks, the shutter snaps to when the image is revealed is pure power. 


Through all the images I’ve taken, all the video clips I’ve rolled, all moments I’ve captured, nothing has brought me more joy than the empowerment that comes from sharing this beautiful craft back to a world that has given me so much.

 But most of all, photography is vulnerability and courage.

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