Kodak Black Storms Out of Studio After Asked About Assault Case

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his response Wednesday night, Florida native rapper “Kodak Black,” was seen on footage storming out a radio show in New York on HOT 97 with host, Ebro. He merely brought attention to the rapper’s recent assault case and that things like sexual assault are serious and will not be ignored. A visibly uncomfortable Kodak, stormed out the studio after stating that “the media is entertained by bullsh*t.”

Unsurprisingly, the uproar was brought towards Ebro, the one acknowledging the misdoings of another, rather than the alleged rapist, Kodak. Many of the rapper’s fans took to social media starting to defend Kodak and dragging Ebro for bringing up the allegations when they cannot be spoken on since the case is ongoing. With the direction this took, it looks like there is still time given for abusive men in the industry not being held accountable for their words/actions.

There were media personalities also on air during the show, and Peter Rosenberg, tried to defuse tension and make the rapper feel more comfortable by talking about the moon landing in 1969. What’s also disappointing about this whole situation is that other (female) media personality, Laura Stylez, stayed mute while this whole discussion was going down instead of standing up for the woman affected by Kodak and women everywhere else being affected by these type of actions by their partners.

This whole debacle sparks a new discussion around men being unaccounted for their wrongdoings, especially men in the music industry and men in politics. Another problematic media personality is well known Youtube host known as, DJ Akademiks, who has previously stated his knowledge of Tekashi 6ix9ine “rapper,” alleged sexual misconduct and even apologizes for him stating that they were still friends after mentioning his old cases in an interview. Another artist still in the spotlight after numerous allegations towards them over sexual misconduct is singer R. Kelly. There are well-documented instances where he is found guilty of these allegations, yet he remains to tour around different cities, meanwhile the women accusing him of these actions are being told to “stay in their place” and “they’re just trying to catch a check.” There never seems to be a win for women in these types of accusations against men in the public eye.

If we look at cases like this on a political scale, we see how these processes tend to work the same. For example, we see people like Donald Trump being put in the White House and Brett Kavanaugh in the U.S. Supreme Court.

This trend of trying to protect men in power is what’s holding many women to not speak up and seek justice for all the wrongdoings of these men. I applaud Ebro for bringing this issue to light, considering his huge platform in the rap community. Instead of dragging and clowning him, be upset that one of your favorite rappers for being serial abusers with no self control and not being held accountable for it. Do not cry for justice, if you are going to turn your back on it when it pertains to something that might not directly affect you, but can be affecting someone else. Seems like the #MeToo movement still has a long journey ahead, but thanks to Ebro, there has been more discussions brought to the table and creates a small step to this long quest for justice for all victims of sexual assault.

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  • March 20, 2019 at 10:16 AM

    I applaud Ebro for bringing this issue to light, considering his huge platform in the rap community.


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