Elevation Worship wakes up the crowd

https://champex-immobilier.ch/agents/crettex-immobilier_sa/champex-immobilier.ch Have you ever experience an overload outside concert with amazing food being sold while you wait for a band?

Bad Säckingen

Well, worshiping concerts have a way to guide your spirit and heart to praise to our one and only and give you diner while you wait.

My colleague and I attended the Brown Bag concert featuring Elevation Worship on November 16, and it was truly a beautiful event to pour our souls out.

The level of sound was so astronomical. The music was griping smoothly through the streets of Dairy Ashford. Every time the guitar strummed and the drums struck, I could feel the repercussion in the organs with in my body. It even made my mouth shout the lyrics louder than the band. The sky seemed to be full of hands moving side to side with the beat of each song.


The number of people was enormous. A slight turn to the back and you can see the whole parking lot filled with civilians.  The crowd was powerful, everyone was tight together not just because the weather was cold (below 50 degrees) but because there was no type of seating for everyone who was showing up.

Everything was done as a group.  There were no individuals.

As people were praising and shouting the band slowly spoke a few words towards the crowd magnifying our ears and our minds. We gathered around and we became a unity.


As the event was over with.. 

I witness a proposal, in fact it was my colleague’s brother who was asking the big question.

It was a event with unexpected turnouts, even for me, It was shocking..

We were already thrill with excitement about the concert in general, to add the proposal to it made it even a more delightful night.

Everything was beautiful, there’s always new beginnings being added to a magical ending.






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