First Time Voting

read review Doing anything for the first time is extremely intimidating, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

I just recently turned 18 and knew that I wanted to vote. Since it was going to be my first time voting I was super nervous the day before, morning of, and when I was at the poll. From all the readings I’ve done aout first time voting, I thought I would have been fine but I was still incredibly nervous.

Originally, I was supposed to go with two other of my friends but my mother insisted that we go together since it was my first time and she wanted to be there with me. Being with my mother did make me feel more comfortable so I felt I made a good decision to go with her.

When my mother picked me up from school, we went straight to Fiesta because it was close to us and had food.

The line to get in went by pretty fast, which didn’t make me any less nervous because that meant I was going to get there sooner rather than later.

When it became my turn to go in a booth I became very confused. I though the screen was one that could be touched, so I was standing there for a good five minutes until I realized there’s a little handle that needed to be turned.

Once I finished voting I realized that physically doing the voting wasn’t what made nervous, it was more of me being nervous that the person I was voting for might not win.

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