Thousands Oaks gunman was Afghanistan veteran

cheap flights lyrics Around 11:20pm, a lone gunman opened fire with a handgun at diners in the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousands Oaks, California. The gunman killed 12 people most of whom were university students and a police officer.

big The now identified 28-year-old suspect Ian David Long was found “down with a gunshot wound” when they got inside.

It’s believed to have been a suicide.

The US Marines have confirmed the details of his service.

Long was a former Marine and Afghanistan veteran. He served as a machine gunner from 2008-2013, and rose to Corporal when serving from November 2010-June 2011. He earned awards like the Marine Corps good conduct medal and a combat action ribbon.

He was apart of the Third Marine Division based in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

Long wore a ski mask when he opened fire after shooting a member of security first. At least 30 shots were fired, all from a Glock 21 with an extended magazine-something that is illegal to own in California. Witnesses also report that after several shots, Long threw in smoke bombs.

People ran and screamed, while some through bar stools through the windows: potentially saving dozens escape. “There were people hiding in restrooms, there were people hiding in attics.” said Ventura County sheriff Geoff Dean.

Blood was visible on the street, when seriously injured people were taken to the hospital.

Details about the victims have started to emerge.

Among the victims was Sergeant Ron Helus-who had served for 29 years and planned to retire soon. The officer was on the phone with his wife before responding to the emergency call. His final words were “Hey I gotta go handle a call. I love you. I’ll talk to you later”.

Jason Coffman was looking for his eldest son, Cody,22, but now knows he was killed that night. His final words to his son were also “I love you”.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter and offered his condolences and praised the police for showing “great bravery”. He’s said to have been fully briefed on the shooting. “God bless all of the victims and families of the victims. Thank you to Law Enforcement”, he said.


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