China Calls Detention Camps “Humane” The Xinjiang region in western China is home to millions of Turkic-speaking muslims, and one in 12 of those muslims wilt in political re-education camps. They are confined for the simplest and bizarrest things. Owning a compass, refusing alcohol, and having too many children will land you in one of these camps.

official statement To control all of this, is facial-recognition software. And they must even wear government-issued electronic monitoring devices.

But for decades, the criticism of Beijing supreme ruling over Xinjiang was met with silence and denial. Until Oct. 16, when  the governor of Xinjiang, Shohrat Zakir, would come to defend and justify the re-education camps. Even going as far as calling the inmates, “student”.

It was all bid to legitimize the camps.

Zakir would detail life in the air-conditioned dorms, saying they watch movies and acquire job skills to become tailors, e-commerce traders, and hairdressers. He deemed it “humane”. The population of these camps is currently reported at 1 million.

Global Times, a pro government news source praised the vocational training centers. It claimed the muslims were “People who are brainwashed by extreme thoughts and have committed misdemeanors.” And that they would be taught Chinese culture, laws, and skills.


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